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3xNi-MH AAA-500mAh

Category:Rechargeable Batteries

Product model:3xNi-MH AAA-500mAh

Product brand:Ultralife


product description

Nominal Voltage 3.6Pack unit
Nominal Capacity mAh 500Standard charge /discharge
Minimum Capacity mAh 500
Standard chargemA 500.1C) Ambient Temperature: -4085
hour 16
Quick ChargemA 2500.5C

Ambient Temperature: 1040


hour 2.4
Rapid ChargemA 5001C
hour 1.2
Trickle charge mA 0.02C-0.05CAmbient Temperature: 085
Standard discharge mA 1000.2CAmbient Temperature/: -4085
Humidity: 65±20%
Discharge by 0.2C to 3.0V/Pack
Max. Continuous Discharge Current mA 500   (1C)Ta=-4085℃; 3.0V/ Pack cut off
Max Pulse Discharge Current mA 20004CVaries according to pulse characteristics, temperature, cell history and the   application. Consult ABLE.
Storage temperature -20~25℃ within 1 year
℃ within 6 month
℃ within 1 month
℃ within 1 week
Relative humidity: 65±20%
Weight Approx 30 Pack unit

Consult with ABLE for your application.