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Ultralife Corporation Ultralife Corporation

Ultralife Corporation is a leading provider of advanced, highest quality products and services ranging from power solutions to communications and electronics systems to customers across the globe in the government & defense, medical, safety & security, energy, industrial and robotics sectors.

We are a global business with strategic locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, ideally positioned to service global customers.

With an emphasis on strong engineering and a collaborative approach to problem solving, we design, manufacture, install and maintain power and communications systems including rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, charging systems, communications and electronics systems and accessories, and custom-engineered systems. We continually evaluate ways to grow, including the design, development and sale of new products, expansion of our sales force to penetrate new markets and geographies, as well as seeking opportunities to expand through acquisitions.

We sell our products worldwide through a variety of trade channels, including original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), industrial and defense supply distributors and directly to U.S. and international defense departments. We enjoy strong name recognition in our markets under our Ultralife® Batteries, Lithium Power®, McDowell Research®, AMTI™, and ABLE™ brands.