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Customer service/ Merchandiser Hot call
Electronics Engineer Hot call

Description of responsiblities of  the position
1. College degree or above, male or female, CET-4 or above, strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, major in international trade and ralted.
2. Proactive, patient and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, teamwork spirit, good at communication;
3. Strong ability of organization and coordination, overall planning and execution;
4. Familiar with various office equipment and common office software.

Description of the job
1. Provide good customer service, quickly and accurately reply and deal with inquiries and feedbacks from customers;
2. Properly handle customer complaints and disputes, and participate in customer service satisfaction improvement plan;
3. Undertake and process customer orders, track the progress of orders, and ensure the timely completion of orders;
4. Customer response: customer service before, during and after sales
5. Collect and feedback product information;
6. Sample management and data control.
7. Other tasks assigned by supervisor.


Description of responsiblities of the position

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical, electronic, automation major

2. Training experience: engineering structure, electronic circuit design

3. Work experience: no limitation, more than one year experience in electronics, structure, lithium primary/secondary battery pack product development is preferred;

4. Capability requirements: familiar with electronic design, mechanical structure design, familiar with the process of precision manufacturing enterprises, skilled in using CAD,3D drawing and other software.

5. Personality characteristics: have good professional ethics and professional dedication;Love the job;Customer-oriented, pursuit of excellence;Fair, principled, good communication skills and team leadership;


Description of the job

1. Battery PACK design, structure matching, battery circuit design, etc.

2. Material certification and matching for new projects.

3. Cooperate with cross-functional team to promote product design, technology, project, testing, etc.;

4. Responsible for new project product design and internal follow-up;

5. Visiting customers and standardizing their technical requirements;

6. Parts recognition (new products, samples sent by alternative suppliers or new molds), engineering/process change management;