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No longer the confine of automotive manufacturing, robots are now utilised in warehouses, hospitals, hotels and homes. Portable robots are required to be autonomous and free from AC supply, whilst others rely on battery power as a back-up to retain critical configuration information.

Wherever battery power is required, Ultralife China (ABLE) can provide a range of rechargeable battery packs and non-rechargeable cells that are designed to meet the emerging needs of robot manufacturers worldwide.

What can Ultralife China (ABLE) offer?

For manufacturers who are currently using rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries to power robots; switching to lithium iron phosphate has advantages such as lower cost, easier device integration and weight reduction.  Ultralife China (ABLE) manufacture two such batteries, the URB1270 and URB12350.

For those who use non-rechargeable cells to power robot controllers or other components, Ultralife China (ABLE) manufacture a wide range that utilize varied chemistries from Lithium Manganese Dioxide to Lithium Thionyl Chloride.

Why choose us?

Ø  Choose from a wide range of pre-engineered cells and batteries or request a custom solution

Ø  Worldwide engineering and technical support available (Ultralife has manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom and China)

Ø  Continuous research and development (keeping at the forefront of battery technology)

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