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For over 35 years, manufacturers of smart meters have found Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li/SOCl2) cells to be an extremely well-suited source of power due to their long service life that reduces the need for replacement.  Like many modern applications, smart meters may utilize batteries as their only source of power or as a backup in case of AC power failure.  This puts a heavy reliance on battery performance, reliability and service life.  When choosing a battery to integrate, many considerations must be made to ensure the device can operate effectively.

For example, when smart meters relay energy usage data to the utility company (usually via. radio), the power needed to successfully convey this information depends on the transmission path, which can vary drastically and require a high current pulse.  Ultralife's Generation X ER cells offer superior current capabilities, as well as a high and stable operating voltage.

There are two types of Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery to choose from, spiral or bobbin construction, both of which offer distinct advantages.

Advantages of spiral cells:

Spiral-wound Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries offer excellent pulse capability.  For example, Ultralife China's Generation X D size spiral battery provides up to 4,000mA, 0.1 second pulses (drained every 2 min at + 20°C). To extend battery life; smart meter manufacturers may take additional steps to reduce the number of high current pulses, using a device sleep/standby mode and measurement/interrogation mode that records data before it is sent to the utility company in transmission mode.
Advantages of bobbin cells:
For OEMs who require increased capacity and lower constant discharge current more than pulse capability; bobbin cells are the best option.  The cell capacity of Ultralife China's D size bobbin cell at 2mA is 16,000mAh to 2.0V @ +23°C.  Bobbin cells also offer high energy density of more than 400 Whr/Kg.

Why choose us?

Ø  Off-the-shelf availability of low quantities and short lead times for volume quantities of production units**

Ø  Available in spiral and bobbin versions with cell sizes and rates to meet many needs

Ø  Competitive prices for the best value of quality cells

Ø  ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing

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